20 Of The Best (And Comfiest) Backpacks For Travelling

Whether it’s exploring a new city or taking a stroll through the countryside, our favourite kind of bag to travel with is a backpack. As well as the essentials (phone, money, etc), we’ll often be carrying a camera, a water bottle, and various other heavy objects. So to be carting these around in a cross-body can soon take it’s toll. A backpack allows you to forget about the weight, place the strain more evenly across your back, and have your hands free to take photos and explore without worrying your bag is going to fall off your shoulder.

Some of our more fashionable backpacks in the past have been uncomfortable with thin straps and unadjustable lengths, and we’ve often resorted to more sporty-looking versions to hit that comfort factor. After looking recently to find a comfortable AND chic backpack, we thought we would roundup a few of our finds:


Backpacks under £50


Backpacks Over £50